Fan Character's Edit

Fan Character's are as what they are thought, They are Character's MADE by other players, who bought the game pass, and are allowed to RP as that character they requested. Due to the recent shift to the Second RP, FC's are slowly being re-added to the game, but not all are going to be added as the shift. There are regulations to what you can have as FC's & their limit (2), for more information on the FC click here for the guide. With a limit of 2 FC's per player (They can be switched out at any given time, if requested)

Quick summary of the rules Edit

Dont want to click on the link? Heres a quick summary:

  1. Theres a 2 character limit to all players, staff or not (This excludes owner's)
  2. Partner's Morphs will be introduced later (Not in the guide)
  3. Other players who DO NOT own the pass are NOT allowed in this room, this is cause a revoke of your Characters & no refund
  4. Lastly, if you dont own the pass, or pester any of the staff to lower the price, or "exploit" your way in, you can or will be banned (Exploit) and the prices will not change, everything is final (Prices)
  5. Strongly stated: Copying off Deviant art, or google and claiming you made it, and we find proof you didnt, those FC's will be banned from the game.

The current status of Fan Character's Edit

Currently, it has been debated and the usage of Fan Characters was suspended later in the development of "Mario & Luigi RP2". Many issues and concerns arose within the admin cabinet, it was approved to ban the addition of Fan Characters in M&L RP2.

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