Gamepasses Edit

Similar to buying game DLC, that gives you advantages other players wouldnt have if they didnt buy DLC (or in some cases, buy-able digital content) Both RP's have DLC (RP2 shares the Partners & VIP gamepass) which offer the player multiple morphs, and some partner morphs (RP2). RP2 also introduced the "Tip's!" Gamepass, which not to be confused, that the gamepass offers in-game tips, rather it is a simple donation to support the game. It offers no benefits.

VIP (RP1) Edit


VIP was the very first gamepass to come out in the entire series. Its a generic pass, that offers the X-Bosses variant from BiS, aswell as the mega bosses too. The photo used was the map from PiT. The passes is also then again recycled in M&L RP2. The same morphs are included in the pass, aswell as some new ones too. The pass costs 5R$ & 5Tix.

Partners (RP1) Edit


Partners was at first experimental, seeing if it worked. It was then converted into a gamepass. What this pass offers is a neat little partner behind you! In the first RP, partners was its own standalone pass, and also an addon for "Paper Mario GP". In the standalone version, it offers a a cast of characters that would normally appear by a characters side. In the Paper Mario GP, alot of the normal morphs are partners. This pass costs 15R$ & 10Tix.

Luigi's Mansion Darkmoon (RP1) Edit


The squeal to the years old game, Luigi's Mansion has a gamepass inspired by the sequel. This pass consists a grainy versions of the Greenie, Hider, Polterpulp and Boomer. The ghosts are slightly transparent and emit an eery light. This pass costs 15R$ & 10 Tix.

Paper Mario GP (RP1) Edit

Paper mario

The gamepass that bends two worlds into one (years before PaperJam's release) into one. Paper Mario GP included a variety of characters from TTYD, and SPM. This also has an addon pass which is partners, allowing the player to choose from a vast array of characters to be on their side. This pass had also sparked some controversy with other Developers who've made Paper Mario RPs. This pass costs 15R$ & 10Tix.

Power ups (RP2) Edit

Power ups
This Gamepass offers the player alot of new morphs, from F.L.U.D.D, to cape, to tanooki and much much more. Although it is only Mario & Luigi in this selection. All Luigi morphs have been edited to fit all the power ups that Mario has. The mega mushroom power up is also just a simple mega-sized Mario & Luigi. Power Up's cost both 5R$ & 5Tix

Luigi's partners (RP2) Edit

Luigis partners

Luigi's partners adds in 5 new player, and 5 partner morphs. This pack is a refrence to the partners that Luigi is found with after events have accrued back in Paper Mario; The Thousand Year Door. These were added just for a simple addition to the game, to give it more taste in its morph department.

Tips (RP2) Edit

FC tips

Tips is a simple gamepass that doesn't offer the user any ingame benefits, rather a satisfaction factor to that they supported the game. Other then that, they are highly optional to buy, as stated by Jolly.

BETA Sprites (RP2) Edit

Beta sprites2

BETA Sprites offers the user 8 new morphs, and one partner morph, which are the pikimen horde for Olmiar. This pass was a semi-request by a fan in the group. There are also a Scoot Blooper (Unused enemy from PiT) as well as a thowmp (unused from PiT aswell). Being priced at 7R$ & 8Tix, this pass is most likely the most controversial gamepass over the "crossover" topic that Jolly disapproves to allow in the second RP. His only response to the "crossover" topic is; "They all appeared in Superstar Saga. They we're going to appear in E.Gadd's cafe, but we're later replaced by E.Gadd himself.

Super Mario Maker (RP2) Edit

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