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September 24 2011

Legit jolly

Jollycrazyboy66, ROBLOX Vet for 4 years.

Jollycrazyboy66, AKA Jolly or ~J, is the creator & builder of Mario & Luigi RP 1 & 2.

Along side with the help of EpicTT, the skeleton of the game, and the scripter. Jolly, when he joined in 9/24/2011, TBC member a month later. Jolly currently, cannot script, has a dA (deviantArt), and builds for fun, and the game.

Inside Studio

When Jolly build, he uses the 1.5 scale, and the x scale (No lock-in-position) to pose at times. The offsite building server is separate from game itself, there, items are tested before release, and where 90% of the map builds take place. It is closed to the public 97% of the time, and is usely open when certin items need to be tested with players, other then himself.

Jolly's Friends








Side games

Heres a list.

MnL RP 1** & 2

Super Mario Galaxy*

Luigis mansion*

Building server 1** & 2*


JollyTT towers*

Jollys pizzeria*/ Jollys Dinning co restraunt*/ One week at Jollys RP**

Paper mario RP*


M&L RP(G)2 Crossover***

Paperblox City*

Cabin Cafe*

Items with * are projects that HAVE been worked on, but have been abandoned.

Items with ** are projects, that have had time put into them, and were retired.

Items with *** Are projects that have been thought of, started, and been abandoned completely.


All credit goes to EpicTT For the drawings (Frogboy789/678 is created by Jolly)


Jolly's second (Edited) morph, currently used


Jolly's current look on roblox, also his profile pic for skype. Credit to EpicTT

Frobro icon

Jolly's OC, Frogboy789/678 (678 Known via MC)


Jolly's 3rd (Unused) morph. This was never seen in game.


Jolly's very first morph in the RP

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