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Currently, the testing site is always closed to the public, and is rarely open anymore. What happens at the testing site is usely map buildings, model buildings, and gear addons. Occasionally there will be leaks via Twitter. The leaks are small, or just a small section of a area in the map. Sometimes they may be big, or they may be incredibly small.

Current leak's Edit

All leaks can be found on Jolly's twitter page;

Previous leaks Edit

Trashpit leak

Leak of Mario & Luigi's Bowser inside story's trash pit


Another leak of the incomplete castle. This time, of the theater

1bowser castle

Leak of the incomplete Fawful (Bowser's) Castle


A finished "Dark star" room

1deep castle

A incomplete destroyed conference room from Peach's Castle

1beanbean castle

Incomplete Beanbean castle

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