The flame war between X

During July of 2013, when Mario & Luigi RP was still in the process of its newest map being added, a poll went out to the coumminty to ask what should be the next area? Decalburg was the selected option. As user Xeront, accused Jolly of copying his decals & told everyone not to play Jolly's game. During this time, a huge flame war uproared in both communities of his group, and Jolly's. After a few month break, Screenshots of Jolly, Epic, and Peach1fan5000 defacing X (Xeront) were starting to go up, Deviant art user's started to snip proof of what he has done, stealing art from artist claiming he owns, and created it (When he clearly didnt). Around the time Mario & Luigi RP2 was starting development, X commented on the place (Photo is shown below).


The o' Flame war3

The comment X made

The o' flame war2

X's Actions against the group

The o' flame war

X's Action's against the group (Audit log)

Who is Xeront, Or X?

Xeront (Known by X according to Jolly) was the creator of Paper mario RP, a hugely copied game full of decals copied off of Deviant art (Link) claimed he made the decals, and stole the credit those artist's deserve. To this day, we still hold our guard against him. If he decides to uproar again with the copying, our agreement (It was we took down the photos we posted of him, and he would stop copying from DVa and claim eh made it) would break and we could resume to what we did. He is not trusted well enough around the trio.

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